16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence

The 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence is an annual international campaign that kicks off on 25 November, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, and runs until 10 December, Human Rights Day.

It was started by activists at the inaugural Women’s Global Leadership Institute in 1991 and continues to be coordinated each year by the Center for Women’s Global Leadership. It is used as strategy by individuals and organizations around the world to call for the prevention and elimination of violence against women and girls.

For this campaign, Hope for Girls and Women in Tanzania plans to do the following:

  1. Community interventions through roadshows in rural villages on 25th November in Kitaramanka, Rwasereta and Sirori Simba in Butiama District. More roadshows and film screening will happen at Wegero village
  2. On 26th November, more roadshow at Buswahili , Kongoto and Baranga villages
  3. Screening of the documentary ‘In the Name of your daughter!’ to schools in Butiama and Serengeti (watch the trailer here!)
  4. HGWT, in collaboration with Police gender desk in Mugumu, will participate in the event of official opening of new building of Police gender office on 27th November in Serengeti and Butiama, where there will be a mapping event as well!

More events:

28th November: Official opening of the Police gender building at Butiama

29th November: Joining Hope Mugumu VTC graduation.

30th December: Roadshow and film show at Nyamimange Kwisaro and Kyankoma villages in Butiama District

1st December: mapping session in Butiama. In the evening, there will be a film screening in Kukirango.

Words of encouragement to HGWT by our visitors

Last week, HGWT were delighted to welcome Mr. Paschal Rubinga from UNFPA, Faidha Suleiman and Idd M Msangi from Gender desk police from Headquarter and Sophia Temba and Tafawa Baliwena from CDF.

They met Safe House Manager Mr Mseti and the rest of Hope staff. As usual, the visitors were welcome by traditional dance and talks with members of Hope.

Mr. Mseti explained the history and background of HGWT, as well as challenges and future plans, while the visitors could admire works done by HGWT like bags, soap and bartic made by Girls.

Finally, they visited the Hope Culture Centre, the dormitory for girls and classes, giving the girls a word of hope and encouragement.

In particular, Sophia Temba encouraged girls with these words:

Everyone here has been through many things but they keep going and keep moving to their dream. I want to encourage you to keep going to your dreams, and don’t afraid. Here at HGWT you are safe so make sure you became who you want to be. Anything that you are doing, make sure that it keeps you into your track towards your dream and don’t do anything that will get you out of the way of your dreams”.

New visitors from Canada

Hope were delighted to welcome Mr. Richard McMahone and Ms. Maria Bishop from Canada last week. The visitors met Ms Rhobi Samwelly and Hope staff. They were initially welcomed with traditional dances. Later, Ms Rhobi presented and shared the history and background of HGWT, as well as challenges and future plans.

Afterwards, our Visitor walked around our compound and had the possibility to see the work done by HGWT and the objects more recently produced, like bags and soap made by our girls. Finally, they visited the Hope Culture Centre, the dormitory for girls and the classes, and even managed to spend some time to talk and discuss with the girls there.

Entrepreneurship and mapping training at HOPE

Hope has managed to conduct entrepreneurship and mapping trainings last week for two days. They were conducted at Giraffe Hotel in Mugumu by Daniel, Anna Paul from Hope and Geoffrey from HOT. Below you can find some pictures of the event!

The groups was of 46 people,of which 36 were women from the surrounding villages.

Capel Y Nant Clydach visiting Hope

Hope were delighted to welcome Rev Alan from Capel Y Nant Clydach on Saturday, 26th. He met Ms Rhobi Samwelly and the staff from Hope. Rev Alan was welcomed by traditional dance from Hope Culture Group and saw the works done by HGWT, among which bags and soap. He was also able to have a walk around and share stories and impressions about the strengths and challenges of HGWT.