Hope for Girls and Women is participating in the Girl Fund campaign until Friday 13th March

Hope provides 2 safe houses in Tanzania for girls who are desperately escaping FGM. Girls often arrive late at night and with just the clothes they have run away in. We provide them with safety, education and hope.

Hope could get a significant funding boost for 1 year through the 2020 Girl Fund Campaign, with your support

Hope has been shortlisted to compete in a fundraising contest, the 8 winners of which will receive additional funding for 12 months.

Between 6th – 12th March, we are participating in the Girl Fund Campaign. This annual campaign sees donations contribute towards placing 8 charities into a funded cohort for one year. 

Those winning a place in the cohort will benefit from an even split of donations to the global Girl Fund each month for a year. With a committed community of regular Girl Fund donators, previous winning charities have been awarded $10,000-15,000 across the year. This would go a long way for Hope.

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